Thursday, 8 December 2011

IQ Corner

Keong and his family visited the zoo on Sunday. At the zoo, Keong wanted to take photographs of the lion, giraffe, rhinoceros and gorilla. Unfortunately, he found all the animals snoozing away. Were they really sleeping?
Actually, the lion, giraffe, rhinoceros and gorilla are all sleeping. 
Do you know there are many ways in which animals sleep? 
  • There isn't much difference in the manner they sleep, that is lying down on the ground. However the lion is an exception. It sleeps with its head facing upwards showing that it has no fear of being attacked while it is sleeping.
  • Animals do not sleep for long. When a giraffe drops its head, it means the giraffe is sleeping. Normally, a giraffe does not sleep for more than 20 minutes.
  • When a rhinoceros sleeps, its ears stand on end. Animals are often alert. This shows that the rhinoceros is still aware that enemies could attack. So it is really difficult to tell whether an animal is sleeping or not. 

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