Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Living Things

Living things are things that are alive. Examples are people, cats and flowers. The following are the needs and characteristics of living things. 生物是有生命的物体,例如人、猫、凤仙花等等。以下是生物的特征。  

They need food and water 
Food and water are the basic needs of living organisms.  

They breathe 
Living things must breathe in oxygen to stay alive. 

They grow
Babies grow to become adults. Seeds germinate to become plants. 
They reproduce
Living things reproduce as when mother gives birth to a baby and a cat gives birth to kittens. 

They move
Animals can move. This happen when people walk and birds fly. Plants cannot move from place to place but they move upwards through their trunks and downwards through their roots.


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